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All our systems for basketball

Basketball is an universally loved sport, especially for the speed it is able to express.

The game ground is a rectangle 15 meters large and 28 meters long (the FIBA regulation provides for a minimum of 14 meters of width and 26 meters of lenght) with floor in wood, rubber or synthetic delimited by lines. The lines must be 5 centimeters large and well visible, possibly white. The perimetral line delimits the ground not being part of it. Around it an area large at least 2 meters without obstacles must be present. The ideal floor must allow the athletes to dribble with speed and precision. At the same time an adequate hold of the player to the ground must be granted to allow them the sudden changes of direction that characterised the game.

Of fundamental importance is then the safety, interpreted both with reference to the solicitations of articulations and in case of falls on the game ground.
The non-slip function, the absence of maintenance and the wear resistance complete the plus of the floor, guaranteeing the perfect color fastness during the lifetime.