Privacy notice pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003

The undersigned ELASTRADE based in via dei Termini 20, 24040 Osio Sopra (BG) acting as Data Controller in connection with the privacy notice provided for by Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, the “Personal Data Protection (Privacy) Code”, notifies you that the personal data which you have provided to this Company – or which we have otherwise acquired in compliance with applicable legislative and contractual provisions – which are associated with and/or instrumental to your relationship with the Data Controller, may be processed in compliance with applicable regulatory provisions, with the aforementioned Legislative Decree, with rules and provisions instrumental and complimentary thereto, and in compliance with the general provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority and in conformity with applicable confidentiality obligations.

Your data may be communicated or disclosed to third parties (for example: Lenders, Social Security Agencies, Freelancers, Brokers, Insurers, Factoring Companies, Trade Associations or Suppliers) in order to facilitate the performance of the company’s business activities.

The data will be processed using instruments that can guarantee the security and confidentiality thereof, also where the data is processed using automated tools and electronic or other innovative channels that can store, manage and transmit such data.

We would also inform you that your personal data to be processed will be processed – also by Data Supervisors and/or Data Processing Operators if appointed by the Data Controller according to procedures envisaged by applicable regulatory provisions – in compliance with and according to the procedures indicated in Article 11 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 which provides, among other things, that the data should be processed lawfully and correctly and collected and recorded for specific, explicit and lawful purposes; that the data should be precise and, as necessary, kept updated; and that the data should be relevant, complete and not go beyond the purposes of the data processing.

Please be informed, moreover, that in relation to the aforementioned data processing, you are entitled to exercise the rights and entitlements referred to in Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, which shall be deemed to be reproduced here in its entirety. The rights referred to in Article 7 may be exercised by sending a request to this effect to the Data Controller or the Data Supervisor, without special formalities, also through a representative appointed in accordance with applicable regulatory provisions, to whom the Data Controller (directly or through designated persons) undertakes to transmit a suitable reply without delay.

You may exercise these rights in order to obtain, among other things:

  • confirmation of the existence or non-existence of the data-processing referred to;
  • clarification and information about the origin, purposes and methods of the data-processing in question.

You are also entitled:

  • to request the deletion, anonymisation or blocking of data processed in violation of law;
  • to have the data updated, corrected or, as relevant, supplemented;
  • to oppose data processing intended to facilitate the transmission of advertising or direct sales materials, or market research or sales communications.

Cookie Information

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Technical Cookies
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